Special Services

In addition to our trusted programs for lawn and landscape care, TruGreen offers several beneficial services tailored to your lawn's individual needs.

Core Aeration
To maintain a healthy lawn following summer's heat and heavy traffic, your soil needs water, air and nutrients. Compacted lawns do not have the space to hold these components, and root growth is stunted, causing dead spots, patches and thinning.

Core aeration—or the removal of plugs of soil from the lawn—increases penetration of water, air and nutrients, loosens the soil to encourage root growth, and releases fungi and bacteria which help degrade thatch.

Overseeding follows core aeration to help promote turf density. Our experts recommend this service as an annual maintenance practice. It's one of the best ways to maintain a rich, healthy soil base, and it helps to ensure maximum effectiveness of your regular lawn care applications.

Flea and Tick Control
As you probably know all too well, summer is peak season for annoying fleas and ticks. If there's an infestation in your lawn, your family pets may be at risk of itchy bites or even disease. And oftentimes, they act as unknowing carriers, bringing outside pests inside your home.

TruGreen will apply an initial treatment to your lawn to reduce active fleas and ticks. Then we'll apply two additional treatments for lasting control as eggs continue to hatch. These applications will help ensure that you get the benefits of a beautiful lawn without the bite of fleas and ticks.

Fungus Control
Fungicide is applied when your lawn or landscape is suffering from one of the several fungi that thrive in this area. Circular areas of dead or stressed turf may be evidence that this fungus is present.

Grub Control
Adult beetles lay eggs in your lawn that hatch into larvae called grubs. Grubs burrow into the soil to feed on grass roots. If feeding is severe, grubs can kill large areas of lawns. Grubs are also a primary food source for moles.

The grub treatment is preventative and should be applied during the early stages of the larvae growth to prevent an infestation. Grubs are controlled most effectively in mid-summer to early fall when they have recently hatched and are feeding closer to the surface. A post emergent Grub Control application may also be applied to control further damage. Your Lawn Care Specialist will determine the best time to treat your lawn.

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